Revelation: From Left Behind to the Healing of the Nations

Tripp Hudgins and Adam Ericksen reflect on Revelation in this five video series.

Session 1 – Chapters 1 – 3

Session 2 – Chapters 4 – 11

Session 3 – Reading within the context of the Johannine school

Session 4 – Chapters 12 – 18

Session 5 – Chapters – 19 – 22

Session 1

Session 2

What is the scandal?  Jesus, Roman culture, or both?  How do you think it causes scandal?

Session 3

The whole of Revelation should be read within the context of the Johannine school, that is, John’s Gospel and John’s letter. The culmination of that school is the statement “God is love” (1 John 4:16). Revelation reveals this aspect of God by transforming our understanding of God from a lion-like god to the Lamb-like God revealed through Jesus.

Session 4

Tripp Hudgins and Adam Ericksen discuss Revelation chapters 12-18.

Session 5

Tripp and Adam discuss the final chapters of Revelation, chapters 19-22.

What does it look like to live into “the healing of the nations”?

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