Steppenwolf Theatre’s “Downstate” Challenges

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Clybourne Park and Steppenwolf Ensemble Member Bruce Norris challenges audiences to face the post-incarceration restrictions placed on sex offenders with his latest play “Downstate”. Developed in partnership with the National Theatre of Great Britain, “Downstate” examines the lives of four men convicted of sex crimes against minors. These former convicts share a group home in downstate Illinois where the offenses they committed continue to shape their lives. Declared the best show in Chicago theater in 2018 by Chicago Tribune’s Chris Jones, the question at the heart of this “problem” play is discussed by Loyola University Chicago Professor Emeritus and Raven Foundation Board Member Andrew McKenna and Maura Junius, Raven Foundation Marketing Director.

Production photographs courtesy of Steppenwolf
Photo credit Michael Brosilow
0:10 – ensemble member Tim Hopper (Andy)
0:26 – ensemble member K. Todd Freeman (Dee)
0:31 – (L to R) ensemble members Francis Guinan (Fred) and K. Todd Freeman (Dee)
0:35 – (L to R) Cecilia Noble (Ivy), ensemble member K. Todd Freeman (Dee) and Eddie Torres (Felix)
0:39 – ensemble member K. Todd Freeman (Dee)
0:43 – (L to R) ensemble member Tim Hopper (Andy), Aimee Lou Wood (Effie) and ensemble member Glenn Davis (Gio)
0:50 – (L to R) ensemble member Glenn Davis (Gio), Cecilia Noble (Ivy), and Eddie Torres (Felix)
0:54 – (L to R) ensemble members Francis Guinan (Fred), K. Todd Freeman (Dee) and Tim Hopper (Andy)

Videographer and editor – Sam Sorich