Suzanne Ross Shares The Wicked Truth About Love

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Wicked Truth About LoveRaven Founder Suzanne Ross shifted from the role of radio producer to guest on Voices of Peace Talk Radio. She joined hosts Adam Ericksen and Bob Koehler, and special guest Don Ross, to discuss her book, The Wicked Truth About Love: The Tangles of Desire. Using research from experts in psychology, anthropology, sociology, theology, brain physiology and philosophy, Suzanne untangled how human desire works, what triggers it, and what causes it to misfire. Learn your personal romantic pattern by taking a quiz then listen to the lively conversation about love and romance. The truth about love was explored and revealed! Show listeners were entered into a drawing to receive a free copy of Suzanne’s book.

Download or listen to the recording here.

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