spotlight 1

“Spotlight” on Children

"I believe that the most heroic thing the Spotlight team did was to follow their investigation beyond the truth they wanted to find. The discovery that Cardinal Law’s guilt was only the tip of the iceberg reveals that only taking down Cardinal Law would have been to make a scapegoat of the Cardinal to protect themselves from their share of the blame." - Suzanne Ross on the Academy Award winning movie, "Spotlight."
Suzanne and Emily Toddler Christmas

A Montessori Christmas

The blessing of receiving Jesus as a gift -- given in pure love, unexpected, unasked-for -- is what makes Christmas a time of deep joy. Suzanne Ross and her daughter Emily help parents and caregivers to kindle the special magic of Christmas for toddlers and young children with practical advice for how "less is more" when it comes to presents.
Rene Girard

Tears For Girard

Founder of Mimetic Theory René Girard and educational pioneer Maria Montessori both evoke tears for the overlooked scapegoat, including children oppressed by adults who do not understand them. As we mourn Girard, Suzanne Ross reminds us we that we must also mourn our treatment of scapegoats, awakening ourselves to their cries.