Pastor Adam answers the question “Who is the Christlike Witch of the Bible?” by relating the story of Saul, Samuel, and the Witch of Endor.

Gena St. David answers the question can we trust God by explaining neuroscience’s understanding of how trust rewires the brain.

Matthew 22: 1 – 14 relates a parable of a king who held a wedding feast. Adam and Lindsey ask who’s getting kicked out of the wedding banquet.

In the story of “Solomon’s Wisdom in Judgment”, Pastor Adam Ericksen sees the prostitute who is willing to give up her child so he can live as a Christlike figure.

Pastor Adam challenges the idea Christianity is a hell avoidance project and asks what if Jesus is sending Christians straight to hell.

Pastor Adam explains the difference between Machiavellian politics and the politics of Christ then offers advice on how to live into hope.