The RavenCast: Three Interviews at the Colloquium on Violence and Religion

In this episode of the RavenCast, Adam Ericksen interviews three participants at this year's Colloquium on Violence and Religion. Adam talked with President of COV&R, Jay Alberg about his presidency, Christa Bucklin about her paper on desire and Spanish author Calderon, and Pablo Bandera about the "Internet of Things." Enjoy these three interviews on the latest episode of the RavenCast!

Cesáreo Bandera Interview: Friendship with René Girard, the Origins of Humanity, and the Hope of Christ – The RavenCast

In this interview recorded at the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, Adam Ericksen and Caesáreo Bandera discuss Bandera's long term friendship with René Girard, the father of mimetic theory. Discover how their friendship survived strong disagreement, how mimetic theory enhances our understanding of human freedom, and where we can find hope amidst the chaos of our world by watching the video or listening to the recording of this fascinating discussion!

Islam and Positive Mimesis

Islam implicitly challenges this duality of the archaic sacred through Tawhid, Islams most fundamental theological doctrine. Tawhid refers to the absolute oneness of God. Islamic scholar Michael Sells states that Tawhid refers to the “interior unity of the deity, that in God all the attributes—such as seeing, hearing, knowing, and willing—are in some sense one” (Approaching the Qur’an, 19). If God’s interior attributes must be One, then any ambivalence that breaks that oneness would break God’s Tawhid...