Barbara Lee

A 10-Minute War Debate

While Donald Trump's bellicosity calls out the nuclear elephant in the room, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-California), calls for the repeal of the AUMF. Both militant Trump and war-weary Lee draw attention to the fact that our wars rage on without debate or discussion. Robert Koehler thinks it's a shame.
Bernie Trump

Quiet War, Sleeping Nation

""What principals and values rule the world?" Robert Koehler is inspired by the movement and uplifting unity built upon this question, brought to life by the Sanders campaign. Whoever becomes the nominee, what will we do to make sure this question guides our vision and policies?
clinton trump

Let’s Make America Meh

Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” Hillary Clinton claims America has never stopped being great. Adam Ericksen examines the rivalry for the desire to be great and suggests maybe we should try to make America "meh."
donald trump chris matthews 2

Trump, Abortion, and a Better Conversation

Can we have a better conversation about abortion? Adam discusses that question in light of Donald Trump's recent statements - "Having a better conversation about these hot button issues begins by acknowledging that the other side is directed towards the good desire to protect potential victims. A better conversation continues with the fact that in a democracy, sometimes we have to make difficult choices about issues like abortion. But when we start by assuming the good intentions of the other side, we will refuse to demonize our opponents and we hold our positions with humility, grace, and mercy."