Hillary Clinton: How to Be “Deplorable”

While the fact that Donald Trump's open bigotry resonates with and energizes a segment of the American population is indeed reprehensible, Hillary Clinton's gross generalization throwing half of his supporters into the same "basket of deplorables" is in itself deplorable, Adam Ericksen asserts. "It's a case of classic scapegoating."

Charity and Civility in a Political Speech?! An Example from Abraham Lincoln

"Each party portrays the other as a combination of evil leaders and stupid followers. What is destroyed in these characterizations is the possibility of what political scientists call 'persuasive engagement...'" Lamenting the bullying and attacks of this year's electoral rhetoric on all sides, Dr. McKenzie uses Lincoln as a model for respecting others through serious disagreement.
separation of church and state

The Danger of Religous Alliances With Secular Power — A Timely Warning From A Long Time Ago

Dr. Tracy McKenzie finds timely advice in the words of Alexis de Tocqueville, "When religion seeks the support of worldly interests, it becomes almost as fragile as any temporal power," as he considers the deterioration of the church's witness as prominent evangelical leaders align themselves with Donald Trump's presidential candidacy.
be the change

Reaching Beyond the Candidates

Robert Koehler recognizes that presidential politics are entrenched in a culture of endless war, and elections alone cannot bring the fundamental change we need. "As I see it, the only solution is to reach beyond the candidates. Vote for whomever, but realize that the job of building the future — a future founded on compassion, not violence and domination — is everyone’s job."