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The Great Waking Up

Republican initiatives that "divide the planet into winners and losers" are losing popularity in California and throughout the nation. Robert Koehler hopes that this is the beginning of a great awakening in which people come together beyond partisanship to heal the damage of enmity and marginalization.

Rethinking the Whole Country

Robert Koehler is rethinking not only the Second Amendment, but the founding principals of our nation in the wake of the new Civil Rights movement led by our youth. It's time to confront the racism, conquest and militarism our nation is founded upon and restructure ourselves on compassion.

The Budget of Death: This Is What the Cost of War Looks Like

The budget proposal from the Trump administration sacrifices the welfare of the citizenry to the machinery of war, but this is nothing new. We have been traveling down the path of war for a long time, and it's taking its toll. Lindsey Paris-Lopez hopes that we can all come to recognize that this is what the cost of war looks like, and start investing in building each other up before it's too late.

Creating Enemies, Creating Hell

"And finally it comes down to this: When you create enemies, you create hell." For all the shocking, bombastic style of the new administration, Robert Koehler is most disheartened by the continuing enmity at the heart of U.S. policy. Creating governing structures that reject the enmity and blame that lead to war are a bigger task than defeating Trump.

The Women’s March, Part 1: Solidarity Without Enmity

"The spirit of solidarity that infused Saturday’s marches worldwide was hopeful and invigorating. But solidarity can be channeled over and against enemies, or it can be channeled toward a vision of ever-widening inclusivity that rejects the concept of enmity altogether." Lindsey Paris-Lopez hopes that the movement birthed from the women's marches will ignite solidarity that seeks to redeem, not scapegoat.