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Risen & SNL: Is Jesus Out for Revenge?

The movie "Risen" will be released later today. In preparation for the movie, Adam Ericksen uses a Saturday Night Live sketch about the resurrection to show the foolishness of believing in a violent Jesus. But Adam also points us to the total nonviolence and love of God. May "Risen" do the same!

A Movie For Lincoln’s Birthday

Dr. Tracy McKenzie highly recommends the 2012 film "Lincoln" for Abraham Lincoln's birthday (or President's Day), yet warns that the overall message of the film is an oversimplification of history. By helping us better appreciate the complexities of the past, Dr. McKenzie also helps us to guard against mythologizing the present in an overly simplistic narrative.

The Posture of Yes

"Our posture matters," Matthew Distefano says. Faith is postured toward discovery... not defending a static understanding of truth but remaining open to the Spirit who goes where she will and transcends all boundaries.