But Doesn’t God Hate Sin?

God doesn’t hate sin; we do. We hold trespasses against one another in the spirit of revenge; God doesn’t. God is reconciling the world to God’s Self, not counting our trespasses against us, and looking for people to participate in that reconciliation.

Addicted to Hate: Guns and Other Stuff

My readers in Europe see one thing more clearly than we in the States do – that Americans have a gun obsession. No matter your position on gun ownership or gun control, guns are larger than life. Either they are necessary and good, delivering protection from forces of evil that can be arrayed against you without warning, or they are evil itself, the cause of all that we need protection from. I am not writing to position myself on one side of the gun debate in order to persuade you to join me in uniting against the other side. I am writing to persuade you to see that both sides are barely distinguishable from each other. Despite their attempts to establish their differences from their opponents using the starkest language of good vs. evil, for both sides, guns possess an almost totemic power to situate evil in someone or something that is nothing like us.

Hating the Sin

I recently wrote a blog titled, “A Christian Support of Same Sex Marriage.” I posted it on Facebook and received a few favorable replies, but there was one somewhat negative...