The Imitation Game: US-Iran Relations

Tensions between the United States are born not out of irreconcilable differences, but mutual desire, Suzanne Ross explains. We could mold that tension into harmony if we change our desire from securing ourselves via nuclear weapons to securing the world through relinquishing those weapons.

Political Debates: Addicted to Zingers

I’ve discovered a bit of wisdom during the last nine-and-a-half-years-of-my-blessed-married-life: Do not argue with the wife. Because I’m usually wrong. I mean, Obama and Romney have nothing on Carrie; my wife is a good debater. But last week, I did argue. And, actually, it wasn’t much of a debate. I was so thoroughly logical, so thoroughly correct in my reasoning that she didn’t stand a chance. It was over in the 15 seconds it took to say 5 sentences.