Adam Ericksen explains why Christians should stop believing in Jesus and start doing what he asked by following him.

Adam Ericksen and Lindsey Paris-Lopez explain Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus does not gloss over the injustices committed by his ancestors.

Lindsey Paris-Lope illustrates how Jesus interprets the scriptures through the way of love and mercy, not sacrifice.

Adam Ericksen leads the conversation imagining all the people sharing all the world with love and compassion as Jesus showed us.

Pastor Adam’s guest, former police officer Micheal Garcia, discusses policing in the US and its need for accountability and better training.

Pastor Adam Ericksen explains how we imitate others consciously and unconsciously, even our enemies. He offers a model of love and inclusion.

On the day of their anointing, the powerful Hebrew kings were called son of God. Through his life, Jesus transforms our understanding of God.

Pastor Adam explains how the Bible is antifascist, opposing power and holding kings accountable for their indifference to the poor.

When pondering how the parables of Jesus can guide us in these disconcerting times, Lindsey Paris-Lopez discovers a new call to hope and determined action.

Pastor Adam reflects on recent events, turns to the Bible to define “apocalypse,” and illuminates how to find hope in hopeless times.