David Brooks: The Science of Modeling Political Humility

David Brooks is one of the more controversial New York Times columnists. I frequently see posts from my Facebook friends condemning his recent articles. But what I find fascinating about Brooks is that the condemnations come from both sides of the political aisle – conservatives think he is too liberal and liberals think he is too conservative. It’s not that he refuses to take a political position on issues; it’s that he knows that our political situation is more complicated than simply taking positions on issues.

The Truth About Political Debates: A Filthy Bunch of Liars

We say we want to know the truth, but in reality we are hiding from the truth. We don’t want the truth; we want to live in a myth. Unfortunately, the myth looks deceptively like truth. The myth doesn’t set us free; it enslaves us. I’ll risk the cliché about truth because, ironically, it is true. Jack Nicholson was right, we can’t handle the truth, because the truth about ourselves makes us uncomfortable.

Big Bird: The 2012 Political Scandal

It was 1:30 am when I heard her voice. My daughter was crying. But I couldn’t get my tired self out of bed. “Just wait a few minutes,” I thought. “If she’s still crying, then get up.” She fell back asleep within two minutes, but I did not. I was wide awake. Apparently, the invisible nurse who lives in my house decided to shoot me up with her invisible intravenous needle filled with invisible Red Bull. I was awake. Then the invisible Red Bull infected me with a strong case of the Thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking Thoughts. 1:30 soon turned into 2:00. Then I got up, did some more thinking and some reading, and then went back to bed. I kept thinking until the Red Bull wore off around 3:30. One of my midnight Thoughts was about politics and … Big Bird.