From Standing Rock to World Peace

Lindsey Paris-Lopez finds profound hope in the ceremony of repentance and forgiveness at Standing Rock between the veterans and the Native Elders. When members our armed forces repent of the atrocities they have inflicted on others, they subvert our culture of violence from within. May repentance and forgiveness reach from Standing Rock to the ends of the earth.

Daniel, God, and Apocalyptic Nonviolence: Bible Matters

Adam Ericksen continues his exploration of the Bible with the apocalyptic book of Daniel. Daniel reveals the truth about human relationships, specifically the truth about human violence. Can this apocalyptic book lead us to peace? Or are we doomed to a future of violence? Explore this fascinating book with Adam in his installment of the Bible Matters series.

Risen & SNL: Is Jesus Out for Revenge?

The movie "Risen" will be released later today. In preparation for the movie, Adam Ericksen uses a Saturday Night Live sketch about the resurrection to show the foolishness of believing in a violent Jesus. But Adam also points us to the total nonviolence and love of God. May "Risen" do the same!