In this episode, Pastor Adam responds to the question “what caused you to be a defender of the LGBTQIA community?

Pastor Adam Ericksen further reveals the Nicene Creed is actually progressive by detailing the difference one iota makes.

The Southern Baptist Convention recently removed five churches for having women pastors. Pastor Adam asks if women should lead in the church.

Pastor Adam answers the complex question what parts of the Bible should be taken literally by examining the history of Scripture.

After encountering a Satanist Uber driver and getting support from Satanist TikTokers, Adam Ericksen sees Satanism in a new light.

Pastor Adam introduces his ebook “Unlearn the Bible: How The Same Stories that Have Been Used to Harm Can Be Interpreted in a Constructive, Hopeful, Loving Way that Helps Us Become Our Most Awesome Selves.”

On the day of their anointing, the powerful Hebrew kings were called son of God. Through his life, Jesus transforms our understanding of God.

The Pope appeals to the Church to support same-sex unions. Adam and Lindsey say this appeals to the greatest authority, Love.

When pondering how the parables of Jesus can guide us in these disconcerting times, Lindsey Paris-Lopez discovers a new call to hope and determined action.

When Jesus says, “I am the sheep gate,” he is saying he is the way for the vulnerable and marginalized explain Adam and Lindsey.