In this episode, Pastor Adam examines New Year’s resolutions and how perfectionism can kill inspiration and action.

Dr. Ryan Hansen joins Pastor Adam Ericksen to discuss Paul’s view of flesh. They answer the question does Paul believe flesh is evil.

Matthew DiStefano joins “One Question with Pastor Adam” to discuss his latest book “Don’t Be A D*ck” and the advice it offers.

This episode of “One Question with Pastor Adam” addresses the question of patriarchy in the the Bible asking is scripture anti-women.

This episode of “One Question with Pastor Adam” addresses the progressive Christian reticence around sin and repentance with spiritual Drano.

Matthew Distefano joins Pastor Adam to answer the question what is the unforgivable sin Jesus mentions in the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus, our first Advocate, defender of victims and the accused sends to the world the Spirit of Truth state Adam and Lindsey.

Lindsey and Adam explore the victim-blaming mentality that views misfortune and terrible circumstances as punishment for sin.

Pastor Adam explains “What is the worst sin?” by contrasting the accusatory nature of Satan with the forgiveness of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Adam explains transgender people are awesomely made in the image of God as a response to “What does God day about transgender people?”