On Easter evening, when Jesus breaks in to the room where the disciples gather in fear, he offers them peace and forgiveness, then eats fish.

Adam and Lindsey view the intersection of Transgender Day of Visibility and Holy Week as celebration of Jesus, our Mother.

Jesus glorified his Father by suffering a brutal crucifixion. Adam and Lindsey agree this is when God’s glory really sucks.

Adam and Lindsey discuss all of the beatitudes, the ones they find inspiring and the ones they find difficult.

Pastor Adam Ericksen & Lindsey Paris-Lopez explore where you find God in Christmas and the radical message of Jesus that begins at his birth.

Pastor Adam Ericksen addresses the thorny question, “If God is good, why do bad things happen?” by debunking some bad theology.

Adam Ericksen contemplates how we do everything we can to protect ourselves and our families, but we know that despite our best efforts, tragedy can strike at any moment. And so it’s comforting to believe that if we aren’t in control, someone else is.