Indigenous People’s Day, Malala, and Truth

Indigenous People's Day falling on the 5th anniversary of Malala surviving being shot by the Taliban this year has led Lindsey Paris-Lopez to consider how powerful men attempted to create and control their cultural narrative through silencing victims. But the transition from Columbus to Indigenous People's Day and Malala's survival represent the triumph of truth over lies. Will we let the truth set us free from the myths we make at the expense of our victims as well?

The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood Interview: “The Execution of God: Encountering the Death Penalty” on the RavenCast

How should Christians faithfully respond to the death penalty? That was the question that guided the latest episode of the RavenCast with Adam Ericksen and the Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood, theologian and social activist. Watch or listen as they discuss Jeff's latest book, "The Execution of God: Encountering the Death Penalty."