Tomorrow is Today

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.” Robert Koehler echoes Dr. King's prescient words as the cycle of violence churns on, with shootings on Martin Luther King day in Chicago, Miami, and around the world and an unending global war of terror. Dr. King's wisdom, moral courage and compassion are needed now more than ever.

Epiphany: The All-Vulnerable God

As we await a transfer of power in the United States, Adam Ericksen reminds us that on Epiphany, God was found not in a powerful leader but in a vulnerable child. Likewise, God's kingdom is found not in powerful violence against others, but in vulnerable love for all. "Epiphany tells us that God is not all-powerful. Rather, God is all-vulnerable. God manifests not in a violent ruler, but in a baby."

Human Rights Day: A Call to Care

On the eve of Human Rights Day, Kathy Kelly visits a refugee camp in Afghanistan. She reflects that U.S. security would be better achieved if we refocused our energy and resources toward " caring for and respecting the world's most needy, not through the rampages of war and destruction which has made the US the most feared country in the world."