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The Shame of Killing Innocent People

Peace activist Kathy Kelly argues that the United States should take responsibility for its role in aiding Saudi Arabia in the destruction of Yemen. But the U.S. Congress will only work to stop arming and providing intelligence to Saudi Arabia if the American people show that they care enough to exert political pressure.

The Budget of Death: This Is What the Cost of War Looks Like

The budget proposal from the Trump administration sacrifices the welfare of the citizenry to the machinery of war, but this is nothing new. We have been traveling down the path of war for a long time, and it's taking its toll. Lindsey Paris-Lopez hopes that we can all come to recognize that this is what the cost of war looks like, and start investing in building each other up before it's too late.

Reality and the U.S.-Made Famine in Yemen

Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, absorbs more refugees than does the United States, despite itself being a target of U.S. and Saudi Arabian aggression. Peace Activist Kathy Kelly breaks down this unconscionable situation and calls on us to raise our voices for peace and justice for the people of Yemen.

Trump, Taiwan, and the Weapons Deal

Heedless to the establishment protocol that has guided U.S. foreign and domestic policy for as long as anyone can remember, Donald Trump is the first president-elect to speak to the leader of Taiwan in 37 years. But while his blunt, blustering style may be awkward, it reveals some of the dangerous absurdities at the heart of our policies, Robert Koehler explains.

Burying Guns; Planting Peace In Afghanistan

Children holding mock funerals for toy guns in Afghanistan are planting true seeds of peace. Worldwide, we need to listen to the voices of children calling for an end to the adult addiction to violence. Echoing their voices, Dr. Hakim implores, "Bury your weapons. Plant your gardens."

A New Dark Age

“What struck me” journalist Christian Parenti said in a recent Truthout interview, referring to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, “was the fact that these local towns and states around the region were...