The Badass Authority of Knowing You Are Loved

Is it Jesus’s fearless confidence pouring out in love that healed the man, that drove the unclean spirit away?


Adam and Lindsey unmask Jesus from exclusive theology and violent cultural lenses. But, during Covid times, Jesus would wear a mask! Loving others as Jesus loves us requires us to wear a mask too!

“What is this? A new teaching – with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey him?”

What in the world does this mean?

What kind of authority does Jesus have that is apparently lacking in the scribes? Why are the people so impressed even before he casts out an unclean spirit? And how should we understand what an “unclean spirit” is in our modern world?

The first words Jesus hears in Mark’s Gospel are, “You are my Son, my Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” What if Jesus’s authority comes from knowing that is enough? He is absolutely and unconditionally loved; therefore, he does not have to prove himself within a hierarchy or power structure. That kind of absolute security and understanding of one’s own worth must have been exceedingly rare in a world of violence, occupation, and fear. 

Is it Jesus’s fearless confidence pouring out in love that healed the man, that drove the unclean spirit away? Unclean spirits may be internalized violence, trauma, the indescribable effects of living in a world of injustice and oppression. Could it be that Jesus’s self-assurance was contagious, casting out demons of insecurity and worthlessness? Was Jesus helping only this one man, or was he teaching and healing a whole community by restoring one member? If we are all interconnected, then we know what the answer must be. 

Adam and Lindsey and friends discuss the authority of Love that has the power to cast out all the forces that not only divide us from each other, but deceive us into disbelieving our own value.

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