The Forgiving Victim Shoot Begins

Here are some photos from the first two days of The Forgiving Victim shoot. Things never go according to plan, which is the fun of it all. We started with an idea for the classroom set with a red curtain close behind James and switched it to the gold curtain further back. A good choice, but it delayed the start of the shooting yesterday. What’s really great is how well everyone flows with that sort of creative decision making. Gerard, our director, is a gentle soul who knows how to keep the atmosphere on the set fun and lighthearted. There is a lot of laughter, especially since the cast and crew all know each other from working with Gerard on other projects. Here’s a photo of the cast gathering before last night’s (Sunday March 27) shoot.


Here’s Maura busy sewing a panel for the set backdrop.

Maura is also doing all the costumes for the re-enactments of the bible stories James talks about. She is amazing at designing Old Testament garb – last night she outfitted King David and some Gibeonite petitioners at his court. Here’s a shot of “time traveling James” as Gerard calls him explaining who the guy in the throne is (King David!).


And here’s the classroom set with the gold curtain background and the lamb from The Forgiving Victim logo in the corner.

Gerard is holding the camera and the blurry guy with the head set on is Jude the sound man.

Here’s my highlight from last night: The cast is playing the part of participants in a retreat with James Alison. We tried it with real participants, but real people freeze up in front of a camera! The actors can act natural and engaged, like real participants would be. I know it sounds funny, but that’s life on a film set. Anyway, last night James gave his class on faith and it is a mind blowing experience. He says the way we think about faith is all wrong. It’s not about us having to work hard to believe in Jesus so we will be saved. It’s about Jesus working hard to convince us that it’s okay to trust him and believe what he tells us about God. That was the whole point of his earthly ministry. When we cut after James delivered that section, the actors applauded spontaneously. That was not part of the script! I think they were expressing the sense of relief that James’ audiences experience when they are told that faith is not supposed to be so hard. My own heart softens every time I hear him say it.

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