Dr. Seuss and the Gospel Part 2: The Lorax, the Prophets, and the iPad

Adam discusses Dr. Seuss’s book The Lorax.

Do you think the Lorax and the biblical prophets have the same structure to their message?

Adam agrees with the Apple executive who stated to the New York Times that unless costumers care more about working conditions in China than about a new iPhone, conditions in the factories will not change. Adam goes on to claim that we consumers should demand better working conditions in those factories. How do you think we should go about making those demands?

Do you agree with the prophets and the Lorax that if we don’t care for the vulnerable members of our world, including our environment, that our society is in danger of dying? Why/Why not?

For more information, see the website for the Chinese group “Students and Scholars Against Coorporate Misbehavior” and ABC’s report “A Trip to the iFactory“.

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