The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Survival Guide in the Age of Trump

Happy 113th Birthday, Theodore Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss!

Today, we need the wisdom of Dr. Seuss more than ever! This beloved children’s author’s timeless classics are proving incredibly timely as they shine a light of perspective and humor on so many issues affecting us today.

We love us some Seuss here at Raven. Through the years, we have pondered the ways Dr. Seuss helps us understand the Gospel and human nature. We have analyzed, parodied, written sequels, and more inspired by Seuss. And on his birthday, we want to take time to remember that so much of what we need to know for peace and justice in this world, we’ve already learned from our favorite childhood author.

So, without further ado, here is the Ultimate Seussian Survival Guide! It’s just what the doctor ordered!


Upset about rulers building their kingdoms on the backs of scapegoats – using others for personal gain? There’s a book for that! See Adam Ericksen’s video commentary on Yertle the Turtle and find out how Dr. Seuss’s wisdom is shared by prominent Girardian scholar Raymond Schwager!

Concerned about the accelerated pace of climate change? There’s a book for that! Adam Ericksen analyzes The Lorax and reflects upon how the Lorax’s warning reflects the prophetic voice of Amos.

Apprehensive about the nuclear arms race? There’s a book for that! After you read The Butter Battle Book, which leaves the poor Yooks and Zooks on the brink of disaster, you may find hope for peace in Lindsey Paris-Lopez’s sequel, The Butter Battle Redemption! (It’s worth noting that one of the main “characters” in these books is “The Wall” – a physical barrier between 2 peoples that doesn’t make anyone safer.)

Afraid of being at the mercy of those whose hearts are 2 sizes too small? There’s a book for that! Adam Ericksen discusses how mercy can redeem even the grinchiest hearts in How The Grinch Stole Christmas. And for another lesson in gratitude and forgiveness, Lindsey Paris-Lopez was inspired by Dr. Seuss to write How The Grump Stole Thanksgiving!

Frustrated by different factions that claim to know the full, absolute truth? There’s a book for that! Adam Ericksen’s analysis of On Beyond Zebra! helps us remember that there is so much more to life and truth than the small frameworks we construct to make sense of it all.

Want to find some good news in a sea of chaos? – There’s a book for that! Adam Ericksen has found a modern-day story that’s “a lot like the Jesus story” in The Cat In The Hat. Come on, you know you’re curious about how he made that connection!


And while these are the books we’ve analyzed or parodied, the Seussian wisdom doesn’t stop there!

Want to point out the stupidity of racism or bigotry? There’s a book for that! As it turns out, you can teach a Sneetch, but the prevalence of systemic racism suggests that we still have a lot to learn!

Want to learn the value of responsibility and keeping your promises? There’s a book for that… Horton Hatches The Egg.

Or do you just want to get away from it all? There’s a book for that too! O, The Places You’ll Go!


Of course, this isn’t nearly all, but it’s a great start! What’s your favorite bit of Dr. Seuss wisdom? We’d love to know!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, you crazy cat you! :)

Image: Screenshot from Youtube: 5 FUN-tastical Facts About Dr. Seuss! by Writers Relief

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