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Colloquium on Violence and Religion Annual Meeting
“Religion, Politics, & Violence ‘after’ Truth”
July 11-14
Regis University in Denver, Colorado

Conference Contact: Stephen McKenna, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Media & Communication Studies.

“After Truth” immediately suggests the supposedly “post-factual” cultural moment, having particular resonance with recent anxieties over “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and other pathologies of the contemporary political sphere.  Yet “After Truth” also indicates “the pursuit of truth,” and it prompts us to think about where we are and who(se) we become both when truth is obscured and after it is disclosed.  Truth, deception, and indifference to truth are foundational concerns of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory, and the moment is apt to revisit them.  The 2018 meeting of The Colloquium on Violence & Religion invites scholars and practitioners to share research and experience related to this theme, engaging with Mimetic Theory across the disciplines.  Our aim is a fruitful exchange of ideas exploring, developing, critiquing, and applying Girard’s Mimetic Theory in relation to this pressing contemporary matter.

The plenary speakers represent a cross-section of Philosophy, Culture, Religion, and Literature – Paul Dumouchel, Laura Kipnis, Jack Miles, and Kevin F. Burke, S.J.