War Consciousness and the F-35

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  1. Steven
    Steven says:

    The only result of this kind of thinking is that evil will win. We must fight evil with enough force to make it hurt enough to make them stop. That’s why we go on and on now with these endless wars because we don’t have the stomach to due what is necessary to stop evil anymore. That is why I was not for the Iraq or Afghanistan wars because I knew we wouldn’t be forceful enough to actually win. You can’t win a PC war. The Nazis would not have been stopped with the type of philosophy stated in this article. The author is quite naïve. You want to understand the Nazis? They wanted to kill all Jews, handicapped, gays, blacks, etc. all of the people they considered undesirables. Carpet bombing Germany may have killed many civilians but it stopped them. Two atomic bombs stopped the Japanese, again killing many civilians but saving many American lives by ending the war. If you want to understand the Islamic terrorists I can explain them to you. They don’t want peace. They want the destruction of Israel and the West. They say it everyday. They want to kill us. Look at how brutally these Muslims treat their own, not to mention women, gays, and foreigners in their countries. If the Muslim countries surrounding Israel put down their arms and truly wanted peace there would be peace tomorrow. If Israel laid down their weapons the Israelis would be slaughtered and Israel would cease to exist. What you need to understand is that, unfortunately, the only way to stop evil is to kill it. Turning the other cheek will just get you killed.


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