The person of Jesus reveals the nonviolent, loving, and merciful nature of God.


In this episode, Pastor Adam Ericksen discusses what it truly means to be a Christian. The Bible is a large, confusing, and intimidating book. Scripture was written by many different people capturing what they believed what God was doing in their lives. The grace of the Bible is the inclusion of these many different views, but adds to the confusion.

Christians do not worship the Bible. The Bible should never be elevated above Jesus or God. Noted Catholic theologian Karl Rahner, SJ stated the Bible points beyond Jesus to God. The person of Jesus reveals the nonviolent, loving, and merciful nature of God. Jesus models a radically nonviolent ethic. When we as Christians use violence, we have sinned.

The early church stated the best way to interpret the violent stories in the Old Testament is as allegories and the worst way to interpret Old Testament stories is literally.

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