This questionnaire is about your attitude and behavior concerning how you choose romantic partners. It is meant to be light-hearted – and slightly wicked – so have fun!
True love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? We all want it. We’re looking for it all the time, but often it’s just beyond our grasp. What obstacles prevent you from finding true love? Maybe it’s a pattern of thinking and behaving that seems so right, but always ends up wrong. After completing this survey, you will learn which pattern fits you best and you will discover…The Wicked Truth About Love.

For each question, select one response that most closely resembles you. Please read all of the answers carefully before selecting the one that best
fits you.

1.) It’s Friday night, what are you wearing?

A.I’ll have to call up the gang to see what
they have on.
B.I’ll impress people so much that I’ll be the look that defines the year!
C.Something with elegance. But it has to be defiant!
D.I want to walk in the room and make the entire place stand still.
E.An outfit that blends me into the crowd.  I don’t want to stand out.
F.I don’t know.  I don’t think about my clothes very much.  Friday night is more about having fun with old and new friends than how I look.

2.) Meeting your lover’s parents – What are you expecting?

A.We’ll go to a nice Italian restaurant where I can explain how strong and real my love is.
B.If they mention one word about my lover’sex, I’ll scream!  And I’m keeping a close eye on my lover.  If that name is mentioned, there better not be even a flicker of interest.
C.The parents can’t stand me!  I’m going to do everything in my power to win them over.  I’ll do whatever it takes to turn them into believers.
D.Here’s my chance to shine!  I’ll tell them all about myself and experiences!
E.I’ll let the folks decide on the restaurant, even if it isn’t my kind of place.
F.Love me or hate me, I’ll do my best to get along with them.

3.) The first kiss!  How do you make your move?

A.Our first kiss will be filled with passion.  I won’t be able to wait till I could tell my best friends about it.
B.I’ll set the mood just right – tempting, seductive, tantalizing – they won’t be able to resist kissing me.
C.I’ll make the move when they expect it least.  It’ll be a solid smooch that will sweep them off their feet instantly.
D.Quickly, I’ll pull them close and lay an R-rated kiss from France on ‘em!  And if they aren’t completely into it, well, au revoir!
E.I’d rather let them make the move.
F.Let’s not rush it!  It’ll happen when it happens.

4.) How would you describe your dating selection process?

A.It all depends on friends.  If they pass with them, I’ll give it a whirl.
B.I help them become someone that others want really bad.  Head-turning, histles, pickup lines are all stamps of approval.
C.I always find myself going after the one who is trying to get away from me.  I enjoy playing the hard-to-get, cat-and-mouse games.
D.I just seek the most beautiful, brightest, successful person on the market.  Or rather, they seek out me!
E.I fall for the ones who need me most.  I pour my heart and soul into every relationship.
F.I put in the dirty work, a relationship needs more than just feelings.

5.) If you had to choose any famous two-some who you and your lover most resemble, who would it be?

A.Ross and Rachel of Friends.
B.Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
C.Clark Kent and Lois Lane.
D.Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.
E.Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers of The Simpsons
F.Shrek and Princess Fiona.

6.) You are at a dance club and in the mood to move. So you shimmy your way to the dance floor. You feel a slight tap on your shoulder and are asked to mix it up with some hottie. Shall we dance?

A.No thanks, I’m here to have a good time with all my friends.
B.First I need the nod of approval from my bar mates.  If I get the nod, I’ll get down!
C.Sorry, but I have been trying to dance with somebody else all night long.
D.Dance with you?  More like you will be dancing with me!  And then I’ll show them all my moves.
E.I’d do it.  I would feel too bad shooting them down and hurting their feelings.
F.It depends on the song really.  Maybe I’ll give it a go if it’s the right beat.

7.) Your loved one approaches you warily and mutters the most horrifying sentence in the modern English language – We need to talk.  Nobody needs to talk.  How do you handle the breakup?

A.It’s always nice to have the support from your best friends.  I look to them for advice and guidance.
B.I’m angry.  After all I’ve done to make them appealing and desired by others, this is how I’m repaid?
C.I do not go down without a fight.  I try everything in order to keep this relationship alive.
D.See ya later!  There has to be somebody younger and hotter than them anyways.  No worries for me.
E.I beg and plead to keep things afloat.  I let them know I’ll do absolutely anything to stay together and explain just how much they need me in their life.
F.If we can’t work it out, it’s onward and upward.

8.) Your coworker will not stop hounding you for a date.  You’ve beat around the bush for too long.  Your move is…

A.Explain to them that they’re too good of a friend and it would be best to remain so.
B.I make a scene and turn them down with flair.  I want everyone to know that I don’t date just
C.Interoffice relationships are strictly prohibited.  I take the date!
D.No way!  There are all the fish in the sea, there’s no way I’m settling for one in my own pond.
E.I feel too bad turning them away.  I’ll go out with them.
F.I’d be firm, but understanding.  Maybe I can help them see that hounding someone is not a good tactic with me, or anyone else for that matter.

Now it’s time for the Wicked Truth About Love.  Please continue to discover the pattern that fits you best.  The pattern will reveal the way you get tangled up and sidetracked on your way to true love.  As you read, you’ll discover that the patterns are not fixed traits, but something you can change.  So each description includes the key to overcoming the pitfalls of your pattern.  The Wicked Truth is that love is not something you can possess, but a gift that you give away with no strings attached.  The odd thing is that like a tossed boomerang, it mysteriously returns to the giver sparking laughter, surprise and the desire to do it again!

How to find The Wicked Truth:

Click on the Calculate button and compare the totals for all six responses.  Your  most frequently selected response is your pattern of desire. To read about your pattern, click on the appropriate tab below.

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A – Best Friend Forever
B – Celebrity Chef
C – Super Hero
D – Rock Star
E – Sidekick
F – Custodian

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Best Friend Forever
Celebrity Chef
Super Hero
Rock Star