The Wicked Truth About Love

And they lived happily ever after…

Fantasies, Myths, and The Wicked Truth About Love

Does the search for the “love of your life” keep turning up empty? Been in one too many dead-end relationships? You say you haven’t found your “soulmate” – you’re not even sure what a soulmate is. If you’ve ever asked yourself “WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?” – you need to know the truth, the wicked truth about love.Many of us grow up believing that the man/woman of our dreams will magically appear one day, bells will ring, sparks will fly, and the two of us will ride off into the sunset together. According to human relations expert Suzanne Ross, if you believe this, “you must have fallen asleep reading a Harlequin romance or during a Love Boat repeat. It’s time to wake up and stop dreaming!”

Unlike self-help tomes that attempt to take the reader on a journey of gentle discovery, and often confuses or bores them to tears, The Wicked Truth About Love is refreshingly frank, but also delightfully fun. Filled with pop culture references from TV, film, music, theatre, and literature, Suzanne brings the reader face-to-face with reality – the one that actually exists, not the one they’ve created – and in an engaging but no-nonsense way, Suzanne exposes the flaws in our love logic and sets readers on the road to better reasoning.

So, are you ready to find your love pattern? Taking the quiz and reading about your pattern will help you identify the things that are causing you to stumble on the way to love. Maybe with what you discover about yourself, the next time you fall in love, it’ll be for good.

Take the quiz.

Learn more about love in the book. The paperback book can be purchased at Amazon and through your favorite bookseller. The ebook is available in Kindle, Kobo and iBook format.