Has René Girard influenced the way you understand life? Do you look at people’s behavior – or reflect on your own – and think “That’s so mimetic!” Do you frequently see scapegoating at work in politics or pop culture? And do you share our goal of making religion reasonable, violence unthinkable, and peace a possibility?

Then The Raven ReView wants to hear from you!

In our new guest section, Your Voice, we are requesting columns that employ mimetic theory for understanding life. From religion to relationships, politics to pop culture, the applications of mimetic theory are endless. The human capacity for imitating and learning behaviors and desires through one another is at the root of the contagion of violence and the cure of empathy. At Raven, we strive to make this simple yet still relatively little-known theory recognized beyond the confines of academia, believing that the self-reflection and big-picture worldview mimetic theory provides is an essential component for peacemaking. And we would like your help spreading the word!

Guidelines for Submissions:

  1. Content of submissions should be applications (rather than simply explanations) of mimetic theory. Nonviolence, social justice, religion, politics, pop culture, or relationship issues should be addressed from a mimetic theory perspective.
  2. A short autobiographical statement (no more than 5 lines) should accompany each submission, including the writer’s name, profession if relevant to the topic at hand, and perhaps a brief background about how the writer became acquainted with mimetic theory.
  3. A picture of yourself should accompany the article.
  4. The tone of all submissions must be respectful and courteous. While humor is welcome, civility must be maintained. Please use inclusive language.
  5. Critique of ideas is encouraged, but disagreement should be expressed with courtesy and humility.
  6. Submissions should not greatly exceed 1000 words.
  7. All submissions are subject to editing for grammar and inclusive language.
  8. Please let us know if your article has been previously published so that we may give proper attribution. If you would like to submit an article that you have originally published on our site to another media outlet, please give proper acknowledgement to The Raven ReView.
  9. Publication may take up to one month depending on content and frequency of submissions. An acceptance or rejection will be given within one week.
  10. Publication of any submission is subject to the discretion of the Editor In Chief.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Submit your article.