The RavenCast: Is the Truth Out There? Grant Kaplan, René Girard, and Fundamental Theology

“The truth is out there.” So believed Special Agents Fox…

Smarter Than Satan: 3 Mistakes the Devil Wants You to Make

Don't let Satan outsmart you! Suzanne Ross has words of wisdom to help us understand and overcome the satanic lie of violence with truth, grace, and humor.

The Great American Awakening

Robert Koehler finds hope for deep social change, not in official leaders blinded by our systemic violence, but in the movements in the streets he has dubbed "the great American awakening."

Valentine's Day Originated In National Resistance

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, but the spirit of St. Valentine still lives on. It's not about flowers or chocolates, Adam Ericksen says. It's about resisting in the name of love.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day with the Wicked Truth About Love: Part 6, Custodian

On Valentine's Day, Suzanne Ross untangles the mystery of love. "Love is making yourself as open to another human being as you can be... The only way it can work is if the both of you decide that the “relationship” is a treasure that is more valuable to you than any earthly treasure you can imagine..."

Love Is Resistance

1st Corinthians 13 is not just for Hallmark cards, Your Voice author Samuel Son claims. It is a declaration of resistance. "Saint Paul, the birther of this poem, is resistant-par-excellence. Because for Paul, a Christian is a resistant of love."

Tom Brady and the Patriots: Leaving God Out of the Super Bowl

Adam Ericksen recognizes mimetic rivalry at work in his hatred of Tom Brady, and yet admires one thing about him: he leaves God out of football. Why is this good? Because it can be all too tempting to believe God blesses the winners, but Jesus turns our understanding of God's blessing upside-down.
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