#MeToo: Empathy, Hope, and Truth

As the #MeToo Campaign sheds light on the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and abuse, Lindsey-Paris Lopez finds hope in the truth coming to light.

A Country, And A Future, Worth Serving

As the public questions the adequacy of Trump's condolences for fallen soldiers, Robert Koehler questions the purpose of our endless wars.

Harvey Weinstein: Why Men Need Jimmy Carter

Adam Ericksen says that men need to be more than just honest about their sexuality. They need to repent from a culture that dehumanizes women. Find out how men can do that in his latest article.

Wrongful Rhetoric and Trump's Strategy on Iran

With Trump threatening war for Iran and aiding the Saudi destruction of Yemen, Kathy Kelly turns to inspiration from Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.

How to Convert a White Supremacist: The Case of Christian Picciolini

Is it possible to convert a white supremacist? Adam Ericksen provides an important example and how you can help convert a white supremacist.

Indigenous People's Day, Malala, and Truth

Indigenous People's Day falling on the 5th anniversary of Malala surviving being shot by the Taliban this year has led Lindsey Paris-Lopez to consider how powerful men attempted to create and control their cultural narrative through silencing victims. But the transition from Columbus to Indigenous People's Day and Malala's survival represent the triumph of truth over lies. Will we let the truth set us free from the myths we make at the expense of our victims as well?

Cesáreo Bandera Interview: Friendship with René Girard, the Origins of Humanity, and the Hope of Christ – The RavenCast

In this interview recorded at the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, Adam Ericksen and Caesáreo Bandera discuss Bandera's long term friendship with René Girard, the father of mimetic theory. Discover how their friendship survived strong disagreement, how mimetic theory enhances our understanding of human freedom, and where we can find hope amidst the chaos of our world by watching the video or listening to the recording of this fascinating discussion!
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