Hope in a nonviolent world

For nearly 20 years, RAVEN (Religion and Violence Education Network) has been nurturing hope and inspiring change through the insights of RenĂ© Girard’s mimetic theory. We encourage you to visit our partners and explore our archive of resources and content.

Mimetic Theory and
Nonviolent Theology

Pastor Adam wants people to know that God loves them. Through his ministry, podcast, and online content, Adam shares his faith in Jesus, who reveals that God desires mercy and not sacrifice.

Mimetic Theory and

UnRival is a network for those committed to nonviolence. We invite you to learn more about how unRival is disrupting cycles of conflict, supporting local peacebuilders, and sharing stories that show peace is possible.

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By offering thoughtful reflections on mimetic theory, the Gospels, and making peace possible, RAVEN provides an understanding of the nonviolent God who offers all humanity healing love and supports the work of peacebuilders around the world.

God's healing love