Being A Friend to Israel and Palestine: Five Truths for Making Peace

Agreeing with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that "You can only build peace on truth," Lindsey Paris-Lopez reveals five truths about Gaza, Israel, and peace.

Empowering Kids Instead of Arming Them

As the nation mourns yet another tragic school shooting, Robert Koehler believes that more than gun control and security are necessary. He advocates for communities of empowerment, where students are encouraged to be their full selves, valued and indispensable to their communities.

A Terrible Theory About the Terrible Twos: Countering the Idea of Counterwill

Do children have a counterwill that keeps them at odds with a parent? Or are they actually imitating their parent's will to be obeyed? Suzanne Ross explains this crucial parenting question in her latest article.

Islam, Nonviolence, and Mimetic Theory - The RavenCast

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan! But what is the Islamic holy month of Ramadan? And what's the relationship between Islam and violence? Adam Ericksen and Suzanne Ross discuss in the latest episode of the RavenCast.

Two Prongs of a Pitchfork

Such gentle abhorrence! It almost doesn’t seem like racism. “But…

The Day My Mother Introduced Me to Jesus

How can you trust in God when bad things happen in your life? Rev. Adam Ericksen tells a story about his mother's faith in his latest sermon.

Harry Potter and the Nonviolent Revolution

For the 20th Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, Lindsey Paris-Lopez marvels at the power of nonviolent love to redeem the seemingly irredeemable and conquer Lord Voldemort. Now it's time to take that love a step further and abolish the Statute of Secrecy dividing wizards and witches from muggles.
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