Welcome to the Raven Foundation

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here. We invite you to come with your faith and your doubts, your anxieties and your hopes, and know that through it all you are loved. We are committed to answering God’s call to be peacemakers, a call which came first to Abram. By answering God’s call to become a blessing he changed the world. One person, one “yes” was all God needed to begin revealing His all-embracing, death-defying love for all of creation! God’s radical love even includes you and me. It even includes our enemies. I’m not sure which of those is harder to believe sometimes, but that’s why we keep reminding each other of it.

Now, if you have read the book of Genesis at all, you know that Abram was no saint. He often misunderstood what God wanted (just ask Isaac how much therapy he needed to get over that trip up the mountain). He did creepy things, too, like letting Pharaoh take Sarai as his wife so he wouldn’t lust after Abram’s livestock. What a jerk! But hey, no one’s perfect and lucky for us, God doesn’t need perfect. He just needs us to say yes, to get started and to do our best on the journey.

Here are the values that guide us on the road. We hope you’ll take the journey with us because one person saying yes is a good place to start. But isn’t it more fun to travel with friends?

Our Values


The journey to peace begins with stepping back from the cycle of conflict. In the pause we find the grace to understand and embrace our inner landscape. When we have the space to take a breath, we can see the way desire and imitation lead us into conflict but also hold the key to making peace more possible in our lives and in our world.

Own It

We own our role in creating or sustaining unhealthy systems. This is not about letting shame paralyze us; it’s about exercising hope and seeing the possibility for personal and communal healing. When we hold ourselves accountable to our past actions, we can find better models and institute a better future.

Forgive and Restore

After seeing the rifts in our hearts, families, and communities, and seeing the role we play, we are able to restore wholeness through vulnerability. Forgiving ourselves restores our sense of identity. Forgiving others heals strained relationships. As we practice this process, we are more able to spot and resolve conflict.

Practice Authentic Hospitality

Our community is a place where people can be totally themselves: with their doubts, fears, eccentricities, and ideas. Our differences, instead of creating rivalry, unfold into exciting conversations and dynamic diversity. We respect one another and honor everyone’s place along the journey. We work for deep inclusion, breaking the scapegoating cycle by uplifting each individual’s unique dignity.

Speak into Real Life

To us, René Girard’s mimetic theory is more than a thought experiment; it’s a relevant and engaging way to live. We bring this philosophy into real life by highlighting its intersection with the areas our community cares about. From religion and politics to relationships and parenting, we reveal the mechanisms underneath our daily lives and draw from our own experiences to authentically apply these ideas.

Initiate Peace

Ultimately, we believe that this process of internal and communal transformation can and will transform the world. We empower our community to undo the cycle of violence, first within their own hearts and relationships, and then in society as a whole. We will work tirelessly to calm fears, quiet the frenzy of conflict, and allow peace to define our world.