Adam Ericksen explores the nationalistic posture of the American Church illustrated in “Postcards from Babylon” with its author Brian Zahnd.

Adam Ericksen discusses the documentary 1946: How A Mistranslation in the Bible Harmed Our LGBTQIA Siblings with its director Rocky Roggio.

The Bible tells two different stories about the kings of Israel. Pastor Adam sees the importance of critiques of leaders like King David.

When a nation fails to follow Leviticus 19:34, they should be critiqued. Israel’s the oppression of Palestinians must stop.

Pastor Adam answers the question how was the Bible formed by first debunking the DaVinci code conspiracy theory about the Council of Nicaea.

Pastor Adam’s guest, former police officer Micheal Garcia, discusses policing in the US and its need for accountability and better training.

Pastor Adam plumbs the depths of Gareth Higgins new book “How Not To Be Afraid” which wisely offers both practices and storytelling.

Pastor Adam and Matthew DiStefano dive into the origin of the contemporary Christian heresy of the rapture and its impact on Christianity.

Pastor Adam applauds the controversy Lil Nas X created with the daring statement “if that’s your heaven, I will pick hell”.

Pastor Adam links the rising racism against Asians and Vatican opposition to blessing same sex marriages to toxic Christian supremacy.