In unprecedented times, the Islamic holiday Eid Al Adha (also called the “Festival of the Sacrifice”) can’t be celebrated according to tradition. Lindsey Paris-Lopez ponders on sacrifice, community, and calls for empathy as we all embark on a pilgrimage to find compassion within ourselves.

Vocal coach Jeff McLean shares his personal faith journey, his experience growing up gay in Mormon Church, how he had to redefine his relationship with God, and working through trauma with the promise “it does get better.”

Pastor Adam Ericksen unmasks Jesus’ pursuit of justice as revealed in the Sermon on the Mount, the Kingdom of God, and the paying of taxes.

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Mimetic Theory Glossary Apocalypse Apocalypse is the Greek word for revelation. This word is mistakenly thought to mean that at some undisclosed time God will violently intervene in human events to establish God’s peaceful reign on earth. However, what the biblical tradition reveals is not a prophetic warning of God’s violence, but the truth about [...]

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Mimetic Theory FAQs Q. Why is mimetic theory important? A. Mimetic theory is important because it allows us to think clearly and honestly about the greatest threat to human survival: our own violence. It offers the best available analysis of the causes of conflict, the contagion of violence, and the pervasive use of scapegoating by [...]

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Why Mimetic Theory? If you spend any time with Ravens, you will discover that we are mimetic theory nerds. That’s because it forever changed the way we think about ourselves, our faith, and how to make a difference in the world. Mimetic theory is the biggest, most life-changing idea you’ve never heard of! In the [...]