When Jesus created a whip and drove sheep and cattle out of the Temple, he was overturning a sacrificial system and providing kickass mercy.

As Lent begins, Adam and Lindsey follow Jesus into the wilderness where his experiences of temptation shape our good news. It’s Lent!

Transfiguration Sunday shows Adam and Lindsey how Jesus lights the way through the darkness of the Lenten journey to love.

Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law. She immediately begins to serve them. In that generous act, Adam and Lindsey understand she is a disciple.

The authority of Jesus that startles the scribes is the badass authority of knowing you are loved explain Adam and Lindsey.

When Jesus called the disciples, they left everything old behind to start anew. No longer fishermen, they were to become fishers of people.

The savior, the one who will lead us all into a new life, comes from the margins and gathers unlikely followers to the call of discipleship.

Baptism is the immersion into a new life of Love. Love is the ever-flowing water that quickens new life out of the ashes of destruction.

The wonder of God, the Love that transforms the world, banishes all the fear. In the bleak darkness, the light breaks forth. Merry Christmas!

Mary’s song, the Magnificat, expresses her courageous love while being deeply personal, deeply political, and also universal and holy.