Adam Ericksen and Lindsey Paris-Lopez examine Jesus’ response to the death of Lazarus and the miracle of his resurrection.

Adam Ericksen and Lindsey Paris-Lopez admire the faith of Bartimaeus and the compassion in Jesus’ healing act.

Adam Ericksen and Lindsey Paris-Lopez join James and John in pondering what are we getting ourselves into when we follow Jesus.

Adam Ericksen leads the conversation imagining all the people sharing all the world with love and compassion as Jesus showed us.

Adam and Lindsey examine the faith of a child which includes curiosity, wonder, and questions about everything, including divorce.

Adam and Lindsey find comfort in Jesus stating those who are not against us are for us, but then wrestle with the imagery of severed limbs.

Adam and Lindsey describe how Jesus’s glory comes not through self-aggrandizement, but through complete self-giving, servant leadership.

Adam and Lindsey explain Jesus is subverting the most common human ideas of how to bring about peace and justice in a violent world.

The unwashed hands of the disciples cause debate. Adam and Lindsey ponder is filthiness next to godliness?

In this episode of Jesus Unmasked, Lindsey Paris-Lopez and Adam Ericksen reflect on Jesus saying “eat of my flesh and drink of my blood”.