Maura Junius

Marketing Director, video and film producer, workaround master, skilled networker, believes religion can lead the way to peace

Meet Maura

Interdividuality Mounts Chicago Stages

Maura Junius makes things work. Her skills as a webmaster, costume designer, networker, marketer, and event coordinator support the Raven Foundation in fulfilling their mission of creating peaceful communities. With an undergraduate degree from St. Catherine University in Mathematics and Theatre and graduate work in costume design for dance at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, Maura’s intellectual curiosity allowed her to witness humanity’s mimetic nature before becoming aware of  mimetic theory. She believes this theory answers one of the three great mysteries “Air to the bird, Water to the fish, and Humanity unto itself” and offers access to personal transformation. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and might sit next to her in a Chicago theater.