Why Ravens Are #MimeticTheoryNerds

If you spend any time hanging around with Ravens, you will discover that we are mimetic theory nerds! That’s because it forever changed the way we think about ourselves, our faith, and how to make a difference in the world. Mimetic theory is the biggest idea to hit the social sciences in the last sixty years, and because you care about making the world a better place – especially for the poor, marginalized, and scapegoated – you need to have mimetic theory in your justice seeking toolbox!

It’s easy to pick up why mimetic theory matters just from reading our articles, watching our videos, or listening to our podcasts because everything we do is informed by mimetic insights. When you find yourself slapping your forehead and thinking “I never thought about it that way before”, you’re having a mimetic theory moment! It happens to us all the time!

If you’d like a more systematic approach, you will enjoy our “Intro To Mimetic Theory”. It’s a series of seven articles that walk you through the big ideas and how they shift our thinking around relationships, religion and the things that make for peace within us and between us.

Introduction to Mimetic Theory

Suzanne Ross explains mimetic theory in a series of seven articles. The journey begins with Part 1 – Change Your View.