is the devil real

Pastor Adam Ericksen dives into one of our fundamental questions – is the devil real. Adam shows how the devil is represented in Scripture.

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Christian Education Resources Blog Unlearning Resources Unlearning Teachings About Salvation Unlearning Christian Homophobia Unlearning Violent Christianity Jesus Unmasked Podcast One Question with Pastor Adam Podcast Collaborators Conference Muslim Education Resources Asma Asfaruddin Interview: Islam and Violence - Debunking the Myths In this conversation from November 2016, Raven Foundation co-founder Suzanne Ross speaks with Asthma Afsaruddin [...]

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Network Our network focuses on religious individuals and organizations working to form unity and ease conflict without the use of scapegoats as the key to establishing a real and lasting peace. Jesus the Forgiving Victim Priest, theologian, and author James Alison provides a resource for discovering anew the total nonviolence of God and what that [...]

resurrecting through hell

Pastor Adam explains what Scriptures say Jesus did on Holy Saturday when he descended into hell. He resurrected through hell.

what is holy week

Pastor Adam details the message and meaning of each day of Holy Week, revealing new levels of meaning to this time in the Christian calendar.