A Crisis of Relevance

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez claims that the Democratic Party is facing a "crisis of relevance." Robert Koehler knows why. "The Democrats’ crisis of relevance is grounded in the party’s absolute acquiescence during the Obama years to the war on terror, and the only way for the party to reclaim power and credibility is to stand up to its own moral shortcomings, not just those of George Bush and Donald Trump."

Budgeting for the Good War, for 75 Years

World War II never ended, Robert Koehler reflects, but merely warped into the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War, and now the Global War on Terror. War is the perpetual status quo... but could this crazy election cycle catalyze a wake-up call to the citizenry to "bring the war dollars home" and finally bring war to an end?

The State of the Union: Spiritual Wisdom to Heal the Political Divide

Adam Ericksen says that there was much to appreciate about President Obama’s speech last night. I also think that Nikki Haley’s Republican response was commendable on many levels. Both put forth a vision and a hope for renewed political cooperation, and they even repented in the ways they and their parties have contributed to the politics that have greatly divided the United States.