Epiphany: The All-Vulnerable God

As we await a transfer of power in the United States, Adam Ericksen reminds us that on Epiphany, God was found not in a powerful leader but in a vulnerable child. Likewise, God's kingdom is found not in powerful violence against others, but in vulnerable love for all. "Epiphany tells us that God is not all-powerful. Rather, God is all-vulnerable. God manifests not in a violent ruler, but in a baby."

Praying Santa

Editor’s Note: For the last week of Advent, the Raven Foundation will be reposting past Advent and Christmas articles as we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming holy days....

Let God (And People) Surprise You: An Advent Meditation

A priest's unexpected interpretation of a familiar text on the first Sunday of Advent took Lindsey Paris-Lopez by surprise, and helped her realize that we prepare room in our hearts for Jesus by opening up space for God and people to surprise us in moments of togetherness. "Maybe the Kingdom of God will be fully manifest and the world will be made new when we all cast off our judgment about where others have been or are going and focus on loving each other and cooperating together in the moment."