Easter Executions: Are We Really Ready for New Life in Christ?

Lindsey Paris-Lopez understands that the death penalty can bring a sense of closure. But the peace it promises is based on the lie that some violence is righteous and some people are beyond redemption. On the cross, Jesus's outstretched arms embraced even killers in mercy. God's love empowers us to transform cycles of violence and dehumanization that the death penalty perpetuates.

Emmaus and Eucharist

Your Voice author Dr. Chezeray M. Moore continues to explain his conversion to a "Jesus-as-forgiving-victim" hermeneutic. "I surrendered my inner need to be able to put my finger on a verse of scripture and declare its literal and fundamental reading as my warrant of authority. ... And I embraced the idea of seeing scripture as a story about victims, not conquerors. A broken Jesus."

Book Feature Sunday: A Journey with Two Mystics – Conversations Between a Girardian and a Wattsian by Matthew Distefano and Michael Machuga

The best theology is that which enfolds us and assures us that we are immersed in unconditional Love. The best friendships do exactly the same thing. A Journey of Two Mystics, by Matthew Distefano and Michael Machuga, is a testimony to the God who so loves us as to create us from love and in love for relationship with God and each other.