The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood Interview: “The Execution of God: Encountering the Death Penalty” on the RavenCast

How should Christians faithfully respond to the death penalty? That was the question that guided the latest episode of the RavenCast with Adam Ericksen and the Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood, theologian and social activist. Watch or listen as they discuss Jeff's latest book, "The Execution of God: Encountering the Death Penalty."

Jesus as True North – Part 4

"It doesn't take a particular special inner quality to be part of the crowd. But it does take something to stand against one. Jesus had that quality," Dr. Chezeray M. Moore affirms. Dr. Moore powerfully illustrates a time in his life when he followed Jesus away from the fundamentalist crowd at his church in order to show love to a friend.

Jesus, Justice, and Charlottesville

The racism on display in Charlottesville has many screaming for justice. Adam Ericksen claims that true justice means more than denouncing the KKK. We must take a long look at the American stories that have fostered racism. Only then can we, like Jesus, tell a new story based on God's justice.

Jesus as True North

Inspired by Father James Alison's "Jesus the Forgiving Victim," Dr. Chezeray Moore explores the meaning of sacrifice, from Biblical times until today, as well as the character of God, from the vantage of Jesus "the Forgiving Victim" as our hermeneutic, our "True North."