Adam Ericksen

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Education Director, UCC pastor, husband, father of three, preaching the love of Jesus and one another

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TikTok Series: Unlearning the Bible

Pastor Adam Ericksen offers a series of TikTok videos as guides for unlearning the Bible.

TikTok Series: Unlearning Christian Homophobia

Pastor Adam Ericksen offers a series of TikTok videos as guides for unlearning Christian homophobia.

Know Thyself – Who Is Your Model?

Pastor Adam Ericksen explains how, as social beings, we imitate others consciously and unconsciously, even our enemies. He offers a model that leads us into love and inclusion.

3 Reasons Why Mimetic Theory Will Give You Hope

Pastor Adam Ericksen offers three reasons mimetic theory will give you hope even in these difficult times.

What Do You Do When It Feels Like the World is Ending?

Pastor Adam reflects on recent events, turns to the Bible to define "apocalypse," and illuminates how to find hope in hopeless times.

The Bible’s Christlike Prostitute and the Prostitutelike Christ

In the story of "Solomon's Wisdom in Judgement", Pastor Adam Ericksen sees the prostitute who is willing to give up her child so he can live as a Christlike figure.

Shake the Dust off Your Feet: How to Deal with Conflict in These Stressful Times

In this highly divisive time, Pastor Adam Ericksen offers his top three spiritual principles for dealing with political polarization.

The Sacrificial System Rages In Portland

Portlander, protestor, and Pastor Adam Ericksen reveals the sacrificial system operating in Portland and throughout America.

Jesus and the Pursuit of Justice

Pastor Adam Ericksen unmasks Jesus' pursuit of justice as revealed in the Sermon on the Mount, the Kingdom of God, and the paying of taxes.

The Whitewashing of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pastor Adam Ericksen examines the misportrayal of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s approach to nonviolence and invites us to confront our own participation in systems of injustice.

One Question with Pastor Adam

Pastor Adam Ericksen addresses one question that's been submitted by listeners. Some of the topics to be explored include: the Bible, heaven and hell, who is Jesus, and do you have to be a Christian to be saved.

Why You Should Run from Bible Believing Churches

Pastor Adam Ericksen exposes a common misconception about the Bible's authority and defines what it truly means to be a Christian.

The Top 5 Ways Jesus Dealt with Conflict

Pastor Adam Ericksen reviews how Jesus dealt with conflict then adds his own recommendations.

Aaron Rodgers: Why I Hate His Football, But Love His Theology

Pastor Adam Ericksen talks about God and football, and shares a trending football player's thoughts on church culture and scapegoating.

What does God say about transgender people?

Pastor Adam Ericksen shares how both God and the United States Constitution both affirm transgender people, and reminds us of the second great commandment: to love our neighbors.

God & Violence (Part 2): Sodom and Gomorrah Is Not About Homosexuality

In Part 2 of his God & Violence series, Pastor Adam Ericksen debunks a common interpretation of the biblical story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, offering insight into the nonviolent nature of God.

God & Violence (Part 1): Noah and the Flood

Why would a nonviolent God flood the earth? Pastor Adam Ericksen finds the God who flooded the earth scary and "not safe for children." Learn why.

Road to Emmaus and Biblical Interpretation

Adam Ericksen asks the big question, "Is God violent?" Taking a look at how Jesus interprets scripture gives us powerful insights.

4 Steps to Building Healthy Community Online

Social media often gets a bad rap for being an arena for comparison and competition, but it can also be a way to genuinely (and healthily) connect with others. In this post, Pastor Adam Ericksen shares his 4 tips to foster healthy relationships online.

Why Millennials Don’t Feel They Belong in Church and What We Can Do about It

Pastor Adam Ericksen poses the question "Why are younger generations leaving their churches?" and explores how Jesus would approach the situation.

So They Call You a Heretic. Here’s Why You Should Embrace It.

Pastor Adam owns his status as a heretic and invites you to do the same, "for even Jesus was accused of heresy." He also explores what it means to truly be a Christian.

The Truth that No One Will Tell You About Yourself

Adam Ericksen reveals the models who shaped his desire to be a pastor and how people in our lives make us into who we are.

Opening Our Borders to Hurricane Dorian Victims: Here’s why it’s the Christian thing to do

The prophet Jeremiah delivered an apocalyptic warning about climate justice 2,500 years ago. Today young prophets like Greta Thunberg deliver the same warning. That warning isn't about doom and gloom. It's about hope. Check out Adam's sermon for more on climate justice.

Naked and Known: Danielle Kingstrom and Matthew Distefano on the RavenCast

Adam Ericksen sat down with Danielle Kingstrom and Matthew Distefano to discuss their upcoming book, "Naked and Known", which explores deepening the love and trust in committed relationships.

Does Facebook Fuel Revenge?

Disgust, Outrage and Donald Trump with Martie Reineke

Martie Reineke explains the psychology of disgust and outrage to help us navigate these emotions. She also provides suggestions for how to neutralize disgust in ways that can foster better politics in our nation and in the world.

Nirvana and Eternal Life: Exploring Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism

In his sermon, Adam Ericksen explores what it means to lead to a meaningful life through three religious figures - Solomon, Buddha, and Jesus. Their wisdom leads people on similar paths.

Who Do You Follow? – Mimetic Theory, Politics, and Taylor Swift

Suzanne Ross and Adam Ericksen as they discuss Taylor Swift, politics and mimetic theory.

Harvey Weinstein: Why Men Need Jimmy Carter

Overcoming Hate and White Supremacy: A Frank Conversation with Christian Picciolini

White supremacy is on the rise. What should we do about it? Adam Ericksen and former skinhead leader Christian Picciolini discuss this critical issue.

Why Christianity Is Not About Being Good

Is the point of religion to make us good people? Adam Ericksen says no. In fact, being good can be very bad! Find out why in this sermon.

God’s New Pattern: Why I Pick and Choose Bible Verses – and So Should You

Reverend Adam Ericksen examines the old ancient pattern of being human playing out - the pattern of uniting against a common enemy. It was there in the beginning and you might say that it has become part of our social DNA.

Don’t Tell Me that God Is In Control: On Sovereignty, Tragedy, Sin

Adam Ericksen contemplates how we do everything we can to protect ourselves and our families, but we know that despite our best efforts, tragedy can strike at any moment. And so it’s comforting to believe that if we aren’t in control, someone else is.