Pastor Adam introduces his ebook “Unlearn the Bible: How The Same Stories that Have Been Used to Harm Can Be Interpreted in a Constructive, Hopeful, Loving Way that Helps Us Become Our Most Awesome Selves.”

Pastor Adam and Brian McLaren to discuss his latest book, “Faith After Doubt: Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working And What To Do About It.”

A progressive Christian pastor, Pastor Adam explains the history, politics, and impact of the Evangelical Christian opposition to abortion.

Pastor Adam debunks interpretations of the six clobber texts and other passages used against the LGBTQIA Community.

Pastor Adam offers 6 steps in the process to forgive another, but warns against spiritual abusers who demand the forgiving of another.

Reverend Dr. Chris Davies joins Pastor Adam to discuss what you do when your church goes viral after Adam’s church signs went viral.

Pastor Adam continues the conversation with Leo Wolters Tejera as he answers questions about our transgender siblings.

On the day of their anointing, the powerful Hebrew kings were called son of God. Through his life, Jesus transforms our understanding of God.

Pastor Adam begins his conversation with Leo Wolters Tejera who shares the journey of coming out and creating a pastoral ministry.

The incarnation represents the union of God with humanity, inviting all humanity to become one with God by following Jesus. Merry Christmas!