Many people ask is the Bible just another ancient myth. Pastor Adam Ericksen compares ancient myths to Scripture and the God who is revealed.

Pastor Adam Ericksen dives into one of our fundamental questions – is the devil real. Adam shows how the devil is represented in Scripture.

On May the Fourth, Pastor Adam Ericksen described what Star Wars can teach us about good and evil and parent-child relationships.

Author Matthew Distefano joins Pastor Adam Ericksen to discuss the insights of Matthew’s new book, “What is the Wisdom of Hobbits?”

Dr. Ryan Hansen joins Pastor Adam Ericksen to show how the Book of Revelation deconstructs empire, revealing God is redeeming human life.

Pastor Adam explains what Scriptures say Jesus did on Holy Saturday when he descended into hell. He resurrected through hell.

Pastor Adam details the message and meaning of each day of Holy Week, revealing new levels of meaning to this time in the Christian calendar.

Pastor Adam answers a powerful and provocative question from Jane on TikTok, “Is God evil?” Learn how Adam answers this persistent question.

In John 14:6, Jesus declares “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Pastor Adam explains the way. the truth, and the life of Jesus is love.

Pastor Adam reveals the Scripture passages that express the divine as feminine in response to the question is God a woman.