The Naked Mole Rat Foundation

We chose the raven for a symbol because it is a scapegoat -- a harmless bird still associated with evil. But ravens aren't the best scapegoats; many people think they're cool! So we've found an animal so off-putting that it makes everyone recoil. Therefore, we are transitioning to "The Naked Mole Rat Foundation."

True Nature

What is the shape of our true nature, our authentic identity in Christ? Guest author Dave Hernandez unpacks some of the "Fruits of the Spirit" Paul lists in Galatians to help us understand how to live into our most genuine selves.

The Beatitudes Of Identity

Guest author Dave Hernandez asserts that the key to inner peace, necessary for being an "instrument of peace," is not seeking our identity through negative mimetic patterns of self-assertion, but in finding it through self-emptying and being found in the great I AM.