Spiritual Pruning: Racism in the United States

God is often described metaphorically as a gardener in the Bible, says Rev. Adam Ericksne. God prunes the withered branches of our souls. What are the withered branches in our souls and in our national soul that needs to be pruned? Recent events at a Starbucks and Waffle Houses remind us that racism is a withered branch that continuously needs to be pruned.

Sermon: The Trinity and God’s Nonviolent Atonement

Those of us who believe that God is non-violent need to reclaim the Trinity because it describes God as an eternal dance of joy, where there is mutual giving and receiving in the spirit of love. In fact, the doctrine was based on a letter in the Bible that states that God is love. What the doctrine of the Trinity helps us understand is that for God, love isn’t so much a noun as it is a verb.