Entries by Suzanne Ross

“Spotlight” on Children

“I believe that the most heroic thing the Spotlight team did was to follow their investigation beyond the truth they wanted to find. The discovery that Cardinal Law’s guilt was only the tip of the iceberg reveals that only taking down Cardinal Law would have been to make a scapegoat of the Cardinal to protect themselves from their share of the blame.” – Suzanne Ross on the Academy Award winning movie, “Spotlight.”

The 2015 Raven Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment Goes to Paddington

Paul King received the 2015 Raven Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment for his writing and direction of the 2015 full-length animated film “Paddington.” The film raises issues of immigration, fear, and the longing to belong without being romantic or idealistic about the problems faced by both the immigrant and the community which must choose to welcome or reject him.

Talking to Your Kids About Peer Pressure

In this video, Suzanne Ross explains the role of peer pressure in our lives through the lens of mimetic theory and Maria Montessori. Thinking about peer pressure as a form of imitation turns out to be a helpful way to understand the phenomenon in our children. But more importantly, it makes us aware that peer pressure can be good or bad for us and most certainly doesn’t disappear when we graduate from school.