Entries by Suzanne Ross

Happy Toddler Thanksgiving: Tips From a Montessori Parent

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, parents of toddlers might be looking forward to the holiday with a hint of anxiety tinged with their anticipation. Suzanne Ross and her daughter Emily use the wisdom of Maria Montessori and mimetic theory to help ease parents’ concerns and create a happy, stress-free day for their little ones and themselves as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nightmare In Paris: Exorcising Our Demons

Suzanne Ross advises that the nightmare of continuous violence will end when we confront the terrible truth: the demons we face “out there” are mirror images of the monsters that live in our own hearts. Our enemies are our twins: sisters and brothers to us of the same God of love who urges us to reconciliation and peace.

Tears For Girard

Founder of Mimetic Theory René Girard and educational pioneer Maria Montessori both evoke tears for the overlooked scapegoat, including children oppressed by adults who do not understand them. As we mourn Girard, Suzanne Ross reminds us we that we must also mourn our treatment of scapegoats, awakening ourselves to their cries.

The Imitation Game: US-Iran Relations

Tensions between the United States are born not out of irreconcilable differences, but mutual desire, Suzanne Ross explains. We could mold that tension into harmony if we change our desire from securing ourselves via nuclear weapons to securing the world through relinquishing those weapons.