Entries by Suzanne Ross

Reading the Classics in Prison with Andrew McKenna

“Mimetic theory is a no brainer,” states a student of Andrew McKenna, in an essay written within the confines of prison. The anthropological truth of mimetic theory, exposed in Scripture and expressed in literature, is deeply understood by prisoners. Suzanne Ross introduces us to Professor Andrew McKenna and his compassionate outreach to prisoners through his teaching of African American classics as they “unveil the sacrificial dynamics that propel myriad forms of racial oppression.”

Conning Racism: Reflections on “The Black Slot”

“If you pander to racists, are you a racist?” “If you fall in love with a liar, is the love true or false?” How do we deal with issues of denial and self-deception, especially if we don’t know or can’t admit that we are deceived? Suzanne Ross explore these questions in the post-show discussion for “The Black Slot” at AstonRep Theater on September 18th.