In this post from the archives, Suzanne Ross debunks two misconceptions about mimetic theory while illustrating the choice it offers between dancing and violence.

In the second part of our Mimetic Invitation Series, we explore mimetic theory in a way that transcends words: through dance.

Pastor Adam Ericksen explains how, as social beings, we imitate others consciously and unconsciously, even our enemies. He offers a model that leads us into love and inclusion.

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Pastor Adam Ericksen offers three reasons mimetic theory will give you hope even in these difficult times.

Suzanne Ross

Get to know René Girard, his life, and one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century: the mimetic insight.

In the first video in our Mimetic Invitation Series, we explore René Girard’s discovery of mimetic desire.

Guest author Paul Dumouchel explains the relationships, power dynamics, and victims of rival and displaced conflicts.

Dr. Chris Haw explains the power and relevance of René Girard’s mimetic theory.

Two plays running simultaneously in Chicago brilliantly illustrated what René Girard called interdividuality, how other people shape who we are and become.