Adam and Lindsey reflect on John the Baptist’s call to prepare the way for Jesus who comes to heal where we are most broken.

Adam and Lindsey view the intersection of Transgender Day of Visibility and Holy Week as celebration of Jesus, our Mother.

Adam and Lindsey dive into the parable to the three servants who were given talents to manage. One learned talents shouldn’t be buried.

Adam and Lindsey discuss the perplexing parable of the foolish bridesmaids and recommend everyone to share your oil!

Adam and Lindsey explore the radical call to action in the Beatitudes. Because it’s all about the Beatitudes, Baby!!

The Pope appeals to the Church to support same-sex unions. Adam and Lindsey say this appeals to the greatest authority, Love.

Pharisees set a trap for Jesus by asking about paying taxes. Jesus tells them to give to empire what belongs to it and to God what is God’s.

Matthew 22: 1 – 14 relates a parable of a king who held a wedding feast. Adam and Lindsey ask who’s getting kicked out of the wedding banquet.

Adam and Lindsey and friends talk about what authority is and why prostitutes and tax collectors are first in the Kingdom of God!

In the parable of the wicked tenants, Adam and Lindsey warn against its anti-Semitic readings then reveal the presence of the merciful God.