Forget the word command when Jesus tells us to love one another say Adam and Lindsey. Understand Jesus empowers us to love.

Adam and Lindsey believe we must bring a new understanding of shepherding and policing to begin the transforming of injustice and racism.

On Easter evening, when Jesus breaks in to the room where the disciples gather in fear, he offers them peace and forgiveness, then eats fish.

Adam and Lindsey appreciate the scientific mind of trust-but-verify Thomas. Jesus’ reaction reveals the power of forgiveness.

Adam and Lindsey view the intersection of Transgender Day of Visibility and Holy Week as celebration of Jesus, our Mother.

Jesus glorified his Father by suffering a brutal crucifixion. Adam and Lindsey agree this is when God’s glory really sucks.

Adam and Lindsey explain why the statement “for God so love the world”, which some use to exclude, is good truly news for everyone.

When Jesus created a whip and drove sheep and cattle out of the Temple, he was overturning a sacrificial system and providing kickass mercy.

Adam and Lindsey confront two harsh sayings of Jesus, realizing the message is to live in such a way as to piss off the Powers that be.

As Lent begins, Adam and Lindsey follow Jesus into the wilderness where his experiences of temptation shape our good news. It’s Lent!