Lindsey Paris-Lopez

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Lucky wife, blessed and busy mother, life-long seeker, writer, poet, inherent aptitude for puns and parodies, car radio karaoke-r, reader of fantasy, and believer that peace is possible.

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Hamilton: Rivalry, Redemption, and How Not to Kill Your Frenemy

Lindsey Paris-Lopez examines the rivalry between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr in the musical "Hamilton" then offers a way to coexist, and even thrive, with our rivals.

The Road to Recovery: 3 Guiding Principles for Building An Infrastructure of Compassion

As we look forward to the future with hope, Lindsey Paris-Lopez outlines three guiding principles to create lasting, impactful change for the better.

The Sermon on the Mount: Resistance, Persistence, & Hope in Troubled Times

From the archives: Lindsey Paris-Lopez takes us to the Sermon on the Mount for a message of hope that is more timely and relevant than ever.

God Is Not A Murderous King and Other Lessons In Parables

When pondering how the parables of Jesus can guide us in these disconcerting times, Lindsey Paris-Lopez discovers a new call to hope and determined action.

Lessons From the Belly of the Beast: What Jonah Can Teach Us On 9/11

America's response to September 11, 2001 was scapegoating and violence. Lindsey Paris-Lopez explains how these tools will never bring lasting peace using the Bible story of Jonah and the Whale.

The Truth Will Set You Free: The Theological and Practical Case for Prison Reform and Restorative Justice

The theological and practical case for prison reform and restorative justice is grounded in the truth revealed by Jesus. He demonstrated how punitive and sacrificial systems reinforce rather than quell violence explains Lindsey Paris-Lopez.

Eid Al Adha: A Pilgrimage in a Pandemic

In unprecedented times, the Islamic holiday Eid Al Adha (also called the "Festival of the Sacrifice") can't be celebrated according to tradition. Lindsey Paris-Lopez ponders on sacrifice, community, and calls for empathy as we all embark on a pilgrimage to find compassion within ourselves.

How Would Jesus Police? Service and Protection Through the Lens of Mercy, Not Sacrifice

Asking, "How would Jesus police?," Lindsey Paris-Lopez reframes our understanding of service and protection through the lens of mercy, not sacrifice.

Wrestling For A Blessing: Navigating Internal Conflict

Lindsey Paris-Lopez draws on parallels between the biblical story of Jacob in the Jabbok and her own personal faith journey, illuminating three insights about the nature of internal conflict.

From Exceptionalism to Empathy: Transforming the Triple Evils and Reframing Our National Identity

Lindsey Paris-Lopez draws on Martin Luther King Jr.'s triple evils – racism, militarism, and materialism – as the three pillars of American exceptionalism then offers ways to transform them.

Jesus Unmasked

“Jesus Unmasked” seeks to remove the masks of exclusive theology and violent cultural lenses that obscure the truth of Jesus’s unconditional love.

How to Avoid Becoming What We Hate By Saving What We Love: Mimetic Doubling in Star Wars, The Hunger Games, & Harry Potter

Lindsey Paris-Lopez explores mimetic doubling in three works of popular fiction: Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.

Easter Fear and Easter Peace in the Time of Coronavirus

Celebrating Easter in a time that is very different than anything we could have anticipated, Lindsey Paris-Lopez unearths beautiful messages of love, vulnerability, and connection.

“Good Omens” Stars Crowley and Aziraphale Talk Love, Doubt, and Saving the World from Certainty

In an imaginary interview with the main characters of "Good Omens", Lindsey Paris-Lopez discusses love, doubt, and saving the world from certainty.

Debunking God’s “Cancel Culture”: How Mercy Can Heal The World

In a world that can be so quick to "cancel," Lindsey Paris-Lopez poses four ways we can have compassionate accountability.

Does God Condemn Us For Wrong Belief?

Lindsey Paris-Lopez draws on her personal experience to answer a critical question, exploring the nature of God and our search for truth.

At Christmastime (and Always) You Belong In Love

The holiday season can be a time of joy and celebration, but sometimes bring up pain and the feeling that you don't belong., Lindsey Paris-Lopez shares a poetic letter to remind you of an important truth: you are loved.

Reflections on Indigenous Wisdom for Healing A Wounded World

Lindsey Paris-Lopez shares what she has learned from indigenous wisdom, and how living a life of gratitude fosters stewardship, hope, and positive change.

Bless Your Loved Ones By Living Your Truth

Being our authentic selves is worth the risk. Lindsey Paris-Lopez relates her experience converting to Islam as a teenager and how it affected her family relationships and sense of belonging.

How Forgiveness Can Transform Our Violence and Build a World of Belonging

In a world built on exclusion and scapegoating, Lindsey Paris-Lopez explores the transformative power of forgiveness and how it can help us belong.

How My Atheist Father Helps Me Understand The Trinity

Lindsey Paris-Lopez explains how her atheist father ultimately helps her appreciate the Trinity, God as an eternal dance of love.

A Passion for Peace

Lindsey Paris-Lopez relates the faith journey that guided her from Christianity to Islam, led her to return to Christianity, and brought her to mimetic theory.

The Urgency Of Love In A Dying World

Twelve years. That’s all the time we have. That’s all the time we have to make a such a dramatic shift in the way we live.