Pastor Adam answers the complex question what parts of the Bible should be taken literally by examining the history of Scripture.

Pastor Adam explores Matthew 19 to show how Jesus said male and female, but then moved beyond gender binaries with his acceptance of eunuchs.

Gena St. David answers the question can we trust God by explaining neuroscience’s understanding of how trust rewires the brain.

Lindsey Paris-Lopez delves into how Abram’s blessing from God began with the subversion of scapegoating and rivalry.

Adam Ericksen explains why Christians should stop believing in Jesus and start doing what he asked by following him.

Adam Ericksen and Lindsey Paris-Lopez celebrate the courage of Mary expressed in The Magnificat and invite everyone to carry God within us.

Adam Ericksen and Lindsey Paris-Lopez admire the faith of Bartimaeus and the compassion in Jesus’ healing act.

Adam and Lindsey examine the faith of a child which includes curiosity, wonder, and questions about everything, including divorce.

Lindsey Paris-Lopez reveals how her father’s lack of belief in God through struggle, doubt, and anxiety, ultimately deepened and strengthened hers.

Pastor Adam Ericksen offers a TikTok video series as guides for unlearning the Bible interpretations that separate us from God and one other.