The Naked Mole Rat Foundation

We chose the raven for a symbol because it is a scapegoat -- a harmless bird still associated with evil. But ravens aren't the best scapegoats; many people think they're cool! So we've found an animal so off-putting that it makes everyone recoil. Therefore, we are transitioning to "The Naked Mole Rat Foundation."
jesus resurrection

The Resurrection is No Myth, But It Is Dangerous

Adam Ericksen explains the difference between the resurrection of Jesus and the mythical resurrection of other ancient gods. As opposed to those myths, Jesus was resurrected not to seek revenge against his enemies. The resurrection of Jesus is the Good News that God isn’t out for revenge. Rather, Jesus was resurrected to reveal God’s radical offer of peace and forgiveness.
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The Political Subversion of Palm Sunday

Adam Ericksen claims that Palm Sunday is politically subversive. "The Gospel of Jesus subverts the politics of violence because the Gospels is the politics of humility, service, forgiveness, and a nonviolent love that embraces all people, but especially those we call our enemies."