Pastor Adam discusses the Rapture, Lauren Boebert’s theater performance, Christian Nationalism and the economy of God.

Matthew DiStefano joins “One Question with Pastor Adam” to discuss his latest book “Don’t Be A D*ck” and the advice it offers.

This episode of “One Question with Pastor Adam” addresses the question of patriarchy in the the Bible asking is scripture anti-women.

This episode of “One Question with Pastor Adam” addresses the progressive Christian reticence around sin and repentance with spiritual Drano.

Pastor Adam offers 6 steps in the process to forgive another, but warns against spiritual abusers who demand the forgiving of another.

Adam and Lindsey reflect on John the Baptist’s call to prepare the way for Jesus who comes to heal where we are most broken.

Pastor Adam Ericksen offers three reasons mimetic theory will give you hope even in these difficult times.

Love is demonstrated in the apostles’ relationship with Jesus, and that relationship is eternal life explain Adam and Lindsey.

Professor and author Julia Robinson Moore reveals a path to forgiveness that can guide us through these turbulent and troubling times.

Lindsey and Adam concentrate on one section from each chapter of the Good Friday readings – Peter’s betrayal and Jesus’ words from the cross.