Jesus Was Killed For National Security Reasons: Good Friday, Fear, and Muslim Surveillance

"On Good Friday, Jesus reveals that we don’t have to live by a poltics fear. In fact, he frees us from fear, even the fear of death. Faith in Jesus means that we no longer have to kill or exclude others for the sake of national security. Rather, faith means trusting in Jesus, the one who calls us to love and forgive our neighbors, including those we call our enemies." - Adam Ericksen on Good Friday

Bearing Fruits of Repentance: Wheaton College, Islam, and the Incarnation

This is the truth that the Incarnation reveals: God is Love and Love itself is the language of worship. Thus, Christians, Muslims, and all who love worship the same God. Lindsey Paris-Lopez believes that Dr. Larycia Hawkins, recently suspended from Wheaton College, is bearing fruit of repentance -- growing into the Love of God as we are all called to do -- by standing in solidarity with Muslims in word and action. May we all bear such fruit as we prepare the way of the Lord.
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What Should We Do About Donald Trump?

Adam Ericksen claims that every time progressives stand up against Trump he uses it to his advantage by claiming that he’s actually the victim of liberal political correctness. Whether it’s responding to his attacks on Hispanics or Muslims, it just adds fuel to his fire. He loves it! Adam wonders, is there an alternative?